ORALIA® softlaser bleaching kit

professional medical tooth whitening

ORALIA softlaser bleaching kit - a most gentle in-office tooth whitening kit. As a medical device it is being designed for professional use only and must not be given to patients.


  • Brightening of discoloured, devital teeth
  • Brightening of discoloured teeth caused by disease, by injury or iatrogenically, as an alternative to a crown or veneer
  • Treatment of tooth discolourations caused by prescription drugs (e. g. tetracycline)

The 35%-hydrogen-peroxide-based bleaching gel contains a special activator being boosted by 810 nm laser light – but with only 100 Milliwatts power instead of 1.0 to 1.5 Watts, leading to a minimum of demineralization. For a further reduction of post bleaching sensitivity, a desensitizing after-bleaching-care is enclosed in the kit. For protection of the adjacent gingiva, gingiva protection is also enclosed in the kit.

Using any 810 nm laser, or our ora-laser d-light or ora-laser d-lux, you choose 100 mW power, in continuous wave mode (frequency of 0). Treat each tooth for approx. 30 seconds.


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