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Laser radiation needs to be handled with care.

Therefore, in the EU it is required by law that operators of class 3R (e.g. ora-laser d-light), 3B and 4 (e.g. ora-laser d-lux) laser devices provide a Laser Safety Officer.

The scope of the qualification as a Laser Safety Officer is clearly defined, too. Anyways, the mere technical instruction by its manufacturer is not sufficient.

Your advantage:
We offer you the possibility to hold the seminar directly at your practice.
Please send your request by telephone or using our contact form.

Contents of the seminar:
Physics of light
Physics of laser light
Generation of laser radiation
Characteristics of laser radiation
Different kinds of lasers
Construction types of laser systems
Laser-tissue interaction
Dangers of laser radiation
General protective measures
Personal protective measures
Organizational protective measures
Special regulations in medicine
Classification of laser systems
Maintanance of laser systems
Tasks, responsibility and position of the Laser Safety Officer
Practical exercises

Documents: Script and related law texts

Instructor: ORALIA staff member